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Internationally recognized consultants in
Industrial, Medical, and Specialty Gases & Related Technologies

Intelligas Consulting was founded in 2013 to serve the growing need for intelligent, comprehensive, industrial gas consulting.

With more than 65-years combined experience in the industrial gases industry, founders John R. Campbell (JRC) and Maura D. Garvey together provide Intelligas Consulting customers with in-depth knowledge and experience unique in the industry. 

The evolution of Intelligas Consulting began years ago. In 1981, after 19 years with two corporations in the U.S. and international industrial gas industry,  Campbell formed the eponymous J.R. Campbell and Associates, Inc. (JRCI). It provided highly focused marketing and strategy consulting services to the industrial, medical, and specialty gases industry worldwide, and supported high pressure and cryogenic production, distribution, and application systems businesses. 

In 1989, Campbell started CryoGas International. That monthly journal became the leading print and digital publication reporting on U.S. and international developments in the above markets, technologies, and businesses. CryoGas was noted for in-depth coverage and analysis of a wide variety of topics of interest to the gas industry’s players, suppliers, and consumers.  

In 2002, the firm established an alliance with Leaders, LLC of Portland, Maine, to provide M&A intermediary services to players in the worldwide gas and related technology and systems businesses. Projects include both sell or buy-side assignments. This robust alliance continues today.

Intelligas Consulting has developed comprehensive databases and analytical models on many aspects of the industrial, medical, and specialty gases industry and supporting production, distribution, and applications technologies and systems.